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Our 6 Favorite Running Belts

Going on a run or hike free of phone, wallet, keys, and fuel is a luxury many of us can't afford. Having to carry one or all of these objects can be quite cumbersome and will be sure slow you down a bit if you have to hold them in your hands. One answer to this dilemma is finding the perfect running belt or waist pack. Like everything else pertaining to running gear there’s an assortment of brands and styles to choose from so here we breakdown our favorites and why we love them.

Our Favorite 6 Running Socks

When it comes to running gear, the shoes get all the love. Being the only thing between you and the pavement picking the right shoe is crucial. But what about what’s between you and the shoe? That’s right folks we're talking about the socks. The days of “one white cotton mid crew sock for everyone” are long gone. Like how we consider our shoes based on different types of feet, gait, and distance of run, there is now a right type of sock for all kinds of runners. These days there are hundreds of different running socks to choose from so we went ahead and narrowed it down to our 6 favorites.

Next-Gen Gear

It used to be that a handful of major brands dominated the world of running gear, but now there are lots of small brands popping up with innovative ideas and products. Here’s a look at six new pieces of running gear making their debut in 2020. By Brain Metzler

Fresh Running Gear

By Brian Metzler

Still running in last year’s running gear? There’s nothing wrong with that, but styles, trends and technology are updated every year. Here’s a look at some of the latest and greatest in the world of running gear.

Most Popular Gear

Over the last two years, we've released dozens of gear guides. Here are some of the all time favorite products we've highlighted.

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