Our Favorite 6 Running Socks

When it comes to running gear, the shoes get all the love. Being the only thing between you and the pavement picking the right shoe is crucial. But what about what’s between you and the shoe? That’s right folks we're talking about the socks. The days of “one white cotton mid crew sock for everyone” are long gone. Like how we consider our shoes based on different types of feet, gait, and distance of run, there is now a right type of sock for all kinds of runners. These days there are hundreds of different running socks to choose from so we went ahead and narrowed it down to our 6 favorites.

Our Favorite 6 Running Socks

Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister

These socks are the overall package; sustainable materials, lightweight, and backed up by a lifetime guarantee. The 100% upcycled sock is perfect for those who suffer from blisters and the anti-odor coating ensures they stay fresh. Perhaps the only downside is that they are tad on the expensive side with a $16 price tag. If you can look past the price these will certainly be the sock you reach for first after a fresh load of laundry.

Our Favorite 6 Running Socks

Balega Hidden Comfort

These socks are all about the details. Their patented Drynamix moisture wicking fibers will keep your fit dry and cool throughout the duration of your run or workout. For extra comfort these socks are hand linked and have zero seams. Something else to consider is this sock comes in 5 different sizes and perhaps offers the snuggest fit out of any sock on the market. At $14 per pair it isn’t as harsh as the Rockay but not cheap either.

Our Favorite 6 Running Socks

Bombas Performance Ankle

A little thicker than the aforementioned socks so expect a little more cushioning between you and your insoles. They also boast their Hex-Tec construction which helps with ventilation and moisture wicking. Aesthetically, we just think these socks look sweet and come in an array of colors to match your mood. You're walking away with these after shelling out $16, but hey they donate one pair to the homeless community for every pair purchased so it’s kind of like a B.O.G.O. deal.

Our Favorite 6 Running Socks

Saucony Bolt Performance

These socks might be the best bang for your buck. If you can't afford to stuff your top drawer with some of the guys above, the multipack of Saucony Bolt no shows are what you’re looking for. They have standard moisture wicking tech and sport great ventilation to keep your feet dry. The sizing is a little odd compared to your standard sock and if you are looking for some cushioning or padding you won't find it here. With a price tag of $20 for 6 pairs there’s little to complain about.

Our Favorite 6 Running Socks

Stance Flora Crew Socks

Stance is no stranger to bringing some noise to the sock game. The first thing you’ll notice about these is their unique and colorful pattern which might get you some double looks on your route. Like our other brands these also have original technology with INFIKNIT, which is focused on making them durable but also feeling light. Also if you're a crew height type of person you’ve been neglected up this point but we make up for it here. Something cool about these as well, is the reflective logo on the back which could increase your visibility to oncoming cars or bikers. Downside with these seems to be limited sizes and a $20 price tag.

Our Favorite 6 Running Socks

Thorlos Max Cushion Edge

These socks go more like the Rockay and Balega than the thicker Bombas. Again, great for those who suffer from blisters due to its NANOGLIDE fibers. While being quite durable you’ll hardly notice they’re even there. They run pretty true to size and have a snug fit so they wont shift around. Like it’s competitors, a tad expensive, but at this point if you’re looking to up your sock game you already know you’ll pay a premium.

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