The Best Masks for Running

In so many ways, the world was not ready for COVID. For months of the pandemic, suppliers we’re unable to keep up with skyrocketing demand for masks. To add to that, very few companies had ever produced non-medical mask for everyday or athletic use. But finally, our favorite brands have caught up, releasing comfortable, lightweight, sturdy masks for exercise. None of the masks on this list are medical grade, but the CDC reccomends wearing tighly woven, multi-layer masks to reduce the risk of COVID transmission. Here are our favorites for running:

The Best Masks for Running

BOCO Gear Face Mask

We love this mask because it’s very lightweight, but also well structured, so the mask isn’t sucked into your mouth when you breathe in. It’s consists of a two-layer washable polyester shell that includes a pocket that allows you to add a filter (sold separately) for added protection.

The Best Masks for Running

Under Armour Sportsmask

This was the first mask specifically designed for athletic performance, which is why it flew off the shelves when first released. After weeks of it being impossible to get, UA has finally caught up with demand. The mask has a comfortable, structured fit helping to keep your face cool while working out.

The Best Masks for Running

Buff Filter Face Mask

Of all the masks in this guide, this one seems to provide the best overall protection (keep in mind none of these masks are medical-grade). It has a machine washable shell and comes with 5 replaceable filters. It fits snugly, with two straps that wrap around the back of the head rather than the ears, and are adjustable.

The Best Masks for Running

UA Sportsmask Fleece Gaiter

With cold weather coming, this gaiter is the best option to stay warm and stay active during COVID. This facemask has a 4-way stretch fleece lining designed for winter sports. It also features a structured design that keeps the mask off your lips for added comfort and breathability.

The Best Masks for Running

Bellaterra 3-Layer Disposable Face Masks (100pcs)

All of the other masks on this guide are machine washable. Some prefer using disposable masks, which you don’t have to worry about cleaning after a long day or sweaty workout. We like this 100-pack because the masks are breathable and comfortable around the ears, and pretty cheap. It also features a 3-layer design for added protection.

The Best Masks for Running

Cotopaxi Teca Cotton Face Mask

These masks are fun and colorful with reversible designs and bright color patterns. They feature an adjustable ear loop which holds up well while running or working out. Also, they’re made of recycled cotton to reduce waste, and Cotopaxi will donate one mask to a person in need for each purchase.

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