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Our 6 Favorite Running Books

Our staff narrowed down their favorite running books to this list of six titles. Yeah, we realize that non-runners probably won’t last 20 pages with most of these, but we know you will crush them like a pre-race carbo load. The list spans continents and eras; men and women; college kids and remote indigenous tribes. If you don’t enjoy any one of these suggestions, your next issue of Six Minute Mile is on us. Yup, totally free!


1. Born to Run
By Christopher McDougall

Tarahumara Indians' way of life revolves around running hundreds of miles without stopping. This is the captivating story of a race between white superathletes and Tarahumara tribesmen.


2. Pre: The Story of America's Greatest Running Legend, Steve Prefontaine
By Tom Jordan

Steve Prefontaine was America's unbeaten distance runner, really in any discipline over a mile. At age 24, his running career came to an abrupt, tragic end in a fatal car accident. 


3. Running With Buffaloes

By Chris Lear

Chris Lear spends a season inside the University of Colorado cross country team that features American legend Adam Goucher. This insider account features controversial coach Mark Wetmore and the heyday of the Boulder running scene.


4. Once a Runner

By John Parker

Amidst the turmoil of Vietnam-Era America, Quinton Cassidy is kicked off his college track team, but obsessively pursues a 4 minute mile nonetheless. Absolute cult classic that no serious runner should live without.


5. Running Through the Wall

By Neal Jamison

Jamison wrote this book as a series of interviews with 35 Ultramarathoners. It explores the motivation for those who push the limits of human athletic capability.


6. Running The Rift

By Tom Jordan

This book tells of a Rwandan runner with dreams of becoming and Olympian. He uses running as an escape from the horrors and violence of the Rwandan Genocide.

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