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10 Dogs Making The Best of In-Home Workouts

A fitness craze is buzzing around the country. With most businesses closed and no sports to watch, Americans are turning to running and in home workouts to keep busy, stay fit, and keep their mind off of the pandemic. Some people are having an easier time adjusting than others. Our furry friends probably don't know what's going on, but they sure are happy to have us around. They're excited about the new fitness trend too. Well, some of them that is.

Some dogs were born ready.

Some are okay with you working out if they DON'T need to get involved.

Lots of dogs prefer to supervise.

Some are in training phase.

Others are becoming pros.

Some dogs don't even need their humans to workout.

Others like to play tough D.

Some are trying too hard.

Others aren't trying hard enough.

Everyone thinks their dog is the best, but we can all agree my_aussie_gal wins.


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