A test to see if you’re ready for your next race

Minute 1: Movement is the name of the game

In 1988, advertising wiz Dan Wieden went to Nike CEO Phil Knight and told him that Nike needed a tagline. They were getting their butts kicked by Reebok at the time, with FY1987 Swoosh revenue down 18%. Mashing together the last words of convicted killer Gary Gilmore before his execution (“Let’s do it”) and Nancy Reagan’s ubiquitous anti-drug campaign (“Just say no”), Wieden pitched “Just Do It” to Knight. “We don’t need that $h*t,” Knight responded. As billions of Nike customers worldwide know, Knight lost the argument, but won the shoe war. As it turns out, “Just Do It” isn’t just transformational ad copy, it’s also a pretty good way to think about fitness in general. According to a new study, even tiny doses of exercise can produce real results: “Doing a Micro Workout Can Boost Fat Metabolism By 43%—Here's How to Do It.” In an ideal world, we would all have plenty of time to spend with family, perform well at work and get in 60 minutes of exercise per day. All of us blame time constraints when workouts take a back seat to life. According to new research, however, even a bout of exercise as brief as 1 minute can positively impact your heart and metabolism. Think squat jumps, stair climbs or burpees in between work calls. Or even lunges while you’re waiting for your morning coffee to brew. You can also reference this timeless interview with the NYT fitness columnist Gretchen Reynolds: "Walk, Run, Swim Or Bike — The Most Important Exercise Is Merely Movement." Her thesis is that movement is the key to longevity and health. And it doesn't matter so much what type of movement you're doing, just that you're moving. Biking, walking, running, gardening, playing a sport with your kids -- they all count as long as you're moving for 20 minutes or more according to her thesis. #JustMoveIt

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