Can you do these Olympic track workouts?

Minute 1: It's track time in Tokyo

Did you hear the joke about anticipation? [...pause…] OK, tough day in the writer’s room, so that’s the best intro witticism we could muster. What is not hard to muster is the very real anticipation for the distance running events which begin in earnest tomorrow morning. At 6:00 am EDT you can watch coverage of the men’s 10K final which kicks off a week of endurance action that runs through the men’s marathon 8 days from now. The first week of the Games has provided multiple story lines for television viewers and has been grueling for the athletes. Between the heat, Covid precautions, and a lack of fans, there has been a lot to contend with for these athletes. Track & field events won't be the first events featuring running (the men and women's triathlon have already completed, more on that shortly), but they are some of the biggest audience draws of the Games. The Washington Post provided this great primer, "What to know about track and field at the Tokyo Olympics," that covers athletes from the US and international athletes to watch, as well as a full breakdown of the event schedule. Timing has been a challenge for American TV watchers, as Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of EDT. Yet, it does allow for some live viewings if you're willing to wake up early or stay up later. Things kick off tonight with preliminary heats in men's steeplechase, women's 800m, and more. As for mid and long-distance finals, here is when you tune in (all times listed are EDT):

  • July 30: Men’s 10,000m (6 - 8am - live)

  • August 2: Women's 5000m (6 - 9 am - live)

  • August 3: Womens’ 800m (6 - 9am - live)

  • August 4: Men's 800m, Women's steeplechase (6 - 9 am - live)

  • August 6: Men’s 5000m, Women’s 1500m (6 - 9 am - live), Women’s marathon (6 - 9:15 pm - live)

  • August 7: Women’s 10,000m, Men’s 1500m (6 - 9 am - live), Men’s marathon (6 - 8:45 pm - live)