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Gear Review: Bombas or Bust!

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By Sheima Marand

As an endurance athlete - who trains for marathons and triathlons – I am switching through a few pairs of socks a day! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test out Bombas Reflec-Tec All-Purpose Calf Socks! Overall I find Bombas sock line to be durable, soft, and thick but not too thick (we marathoners tend to have swollen feet so I hate when my socks end up too thick and my sneakers feel tight! Anyone else??) Find more details of my experience below:

Fit/Functionality: The Reflec-Tec All Purpose Calf Socks socks are a go-to for any type of runner. Personally, the calf-high cut from Bombas is my favorite fit and feel. They look cool with shorts year-round, and they are great in the winter months to keep my skin covered and ankles warm. The Bombas Reflec-Tec is fused with reflective gear which makes them perfect for Boston winters when the days are so short and the sun might be setting before 4 pm. The sweat-wicking fabric kept my feet dry and warm throughout my training runs.

Style: Bombas come in a color for everyone but I’m the type of runner who is dressed in either all black or in neon bright colors, there is no in-between for me! Bombas met my requirement with the pop of pink as well as the black and white sock options! The socks provided comfort and warmth, while still allowing me to feel like I looked good giving me confidence!


Quality: These socks are durable! As an athlete who works out and adds a lot of wear and tear to their athletic attire, this is important to me. I can see these socks lasting me for many years to come.

Price: These socks go for $20 and $16 dollars a pair. For performance line socks, you can’t beat that! You can order in packs of three for a discount as well. The best part about Bombas is that for each pair you purchase, they donate a pair to help someone facing homelessness. It is nice to support a company that gives back to the community!


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