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Gear Review: Bombas socks are what we run Boston in

By Dara Kelly

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Our friend Dara Kelly continues her training on The Road to Boston and has been hooked up with Bombas socks to keep her feet cool on those long weekend runs.

I’ve been a fan of Bombas for quite some time, but due to their extreme durability and magical ability to never lose their elasticity, I haven’t needed new ones in a while. They’re like the superheroes of the sock world. Protecting the feet of mere mortals despite our best efforts to destroy them doing ridiculous things. Like running marathons.

Recently, I took the time to check out their latest gear and I was completely flabbergasted. No longer content with creating solid-color calf socks, Bombas have exploded into a myriad of colors, styles, lengths, thicknesses and sizes. Not to mention slippers, t-shirts and even underwear. It’s a virtual smorgasbord of comfort, style, and support for all activities!

I know. Who gets so excited about socks? Me! This girl! Because you know what? The right socks make all the difference when you’re racking up miles. Your shoes could have rocket boosters in the back for maximum speed, but if you’re hobbling around with blisters from bunched up, non-performance socks, it’s game over. Or race over.

I ordered myself a very snazzy three pack of ankle running socks. The colors were vibrant, bold, and completed my whole outfit. The true test was the texture. They were soft. But were they TOO soft?!

As I slipped them on, I held my breath. Would they bunch? They did NOT! In fact, they felt like supportive, soft sleeves for my arches. Tight, yet breathable at the same time. My feet and the socks instantly fell in love.

Best part of purchasing? The Bombas Giving program. Every purchase leads to a donation of the most wanted items in homeless shelters across the nation. Socks, t-shirts, underwear for those in all types of transitional living spaces.

Count me as a blissfully blister-free happy convert. I’m sold on these socks!


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