Has Purell and social distancing hurt your microbiome?

Minute 1: Train like Pre with this killer workout

Steve Prefontaine is one of the most adored figures in track and field history. His bold tactics, confidence, and iconic ‘stache are the inspiration for not 1, but 2 feature films. (The preview for “Prefontaine” is here and the preview for “Without Limits” is here.) Runners looking to emulate his greatness are in luck, as one of the secrets to his success is actually quite public: “Not Just for Gods: You Too Can Do Pre’s 200s.” The concept for the workout is pretty straightforward. Simply alternate your pace every 200 meters, either for a set distance, or as long as you can keep it up. Pre himself would hit 30 seconds on the fast splits, and 40 seconds on the slow ones, but you can alter the numbers to whatever suits your needs. As a rule of thumb, aim to have the fast 200s run at just below your fastest mile pace. This workout is the perfect way to improve your body’s response to lactic acid, so when you start to feel the burn, you know you’ve got the right pace. Keep at it, and one day you could become a legend too, and that's good because “Running Needs Another Steve Prefontaine.” If the next U.S. legend is in the pipeline, we will likely see him or her next month when Pre’s alma mater hosts the U.S. Olympic trials for track and field at Hayward Field. Competition begins on June 18 and the new complex is a far cry from the legendary covered wooden grandstand of the original Hayward Field. Thanks to Nike’s Phil Knight, the new version of Pre’s house is jaw-dropping, as you can see in this reveal video when the Duck’s were shown their new $270,000,000 pond. #PreAdvice

Minute 2: Are resistance bands the new dumbbells?

This week, the idea that pumping iron is the only way to build muscle has been met with a little resistance. Today.com thinks it could be time to ditch the weights, asking “Should you strength train with resistance bands or dumbbells?” First of all, bands are a lot cheaper than traditional weights. If you want to expand your home workout routine without breaking the bank, they’re the way to go. See for yourself, “