How mushrooms boost endurance (and mood)

Minute 1: Pool workouts for endurance athletes

As a kid, this was always the saddest week of the year. We had to face the brutal reality that days spent swimming in local ponds and bombing around the neighborhood on a Schwinn Varsity would soon be distant daydreams while staring at a classroom clock, praying for it to move faster. (And why did those clocks sometimes tick backwards before advancing?) For runners who aren’t quite ready to surrender their summers, we came across some good advice this week for making the most of late summer pool activities: "5 Pool Workouts to Do When It's Hotter Than Hell." Fear not, ye who do not enjoy swimming laps, these workouts are geared more for runners than swimmers. Knee hugs in chest-deep water offer resistance and strength training, wall kicks provide weightless sprinting-like feeling, and dynamic bobbing can act like plyometrics for explosive development. Back in June we talked about deep water running and its benefits. This new article, "Take the plunge: Get in great shape with deepwater workouts" describes how simply treading water can be a great workout, according to a retired Navy SEAL. Just 30 minutes of moderate-intensity treading water can burn over 400 calories. Water polo pros make treading water look like it's easy, but they are doing a specific style called the eggbeater which is a big challenge, as shown in this video. If you’re looking for a good upper body and core workout on the water, check out this new article: "Everything You Need to Know About Paddleboarding."


Minute 2: America’s sugar problem

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