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Running Gear Guide for Father's Day

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By Six Minute Mile Staff

Dad's rock but shopping for them on Father's Day can be tricky. Dad's never say they need anything but if he's a devoted runner he has a place in his heart for the latest running gear. Let's face it, we all do. If you haven't got him something already, the Six Minute Mile gear team will save you time through our list of last-minute gift ideas that your running dad will love.

Here's our Father's Day Gear Guide for Runners list:

Dad may be getting up there in age but that won't slow him down at all. One way to keep the legs fresh for a big day of running, cycling or even walking is in Speed Houd Performance Recovery boots. Using air pressure, Speed Hound Recovery boots massage your legs reducing pain, soreness, and swellness associated with an active lifestyle.

We've used this model before and one nice touch is the ability to increase or decrease the pressure mid-session with the touch of a button. The same rule applies for time duration and target, which provided some good flexibility to change our minds mid-session. Incorporating compression boots into your recovery routine may pay dividends if you or your dad have eyes on a big fall race. In addition to compression therapy, they offer

In addition, to compression products they recently introduced their Pro Percussion Gun which is perfect for activating muscles right before a workout or providing immediate relief after high-intensity training.

Right now they're offering 15% OFF SITEWIDE for Father's Day. Valid June 6- June 16.


Dads run on less sleep than most and are usually the first ones up and out the door in the house. Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep is much easier said than done when you factor in kids, work, and marathon training. That’s why Eight Sleep instead focuses on improving the quality of hours you sleep. Eight Sleep's newest generation of the Pod: Pod 4 Ultra, cools, heats, and elevates, your bed automatically. By doing this, clinical studies have proven the new Pod gives you up to one hour more of high-quality sleep every night. 

And if dad is a big snorer, then the Pod 4 is perfect. The Pod will detect snoring and automatically lift your head by a few degrees to improve airflow and stop your or your partner’s snoring. This is a perfect way to pay him back for all the nights you kept Dad up as a kid.

Learn more about the pod here and use code SMM to get $350 off Pod 4 Ultra.


When it comes to at-home exercise equipment no one has dominated the headlines more than Peloton. While there are many good competitors among treadmill manufacturers, the Peloton stationary bikes are second to none. Plus, their workout classes are best at emulating the real spin studio experience. If Dad isn’t a huge runner but wants to get a good sweat a Peloton should do the trick. Luckily, they're available right now at one of it's lowest prices in months.


The Garmin Forerunner 945 is a piece of wearable tech that is as tough as Dad is. The 945 can handle any activity and was designed with triathletes and runners in mind. This Forerunner features VO2 max tracking and multiple global positioning networks. Amazingly it adjusts its readings for heat, altitude Acclimation status, training load focus, recovery time, and aerobic and anaerobic effects. Garmin Pay is helpful if Dad is one of those who likes to end his runs at the juice shop...or the pub. This excellent do-it-all gadget is on sale for a massive discount now.


Well if you're really out of ideas we’ve got one last swing for you. We think the best deal on the internet is Six Minute Mile since it’s free to subscribe. If your Dad loves running and has an email address, sign him up completely free here. 

Maybe your Dad has been reading us since the start and is a big in which case we don't think anything would go better than a sweet SMM shirt. Get matching ones if you're a fan too! We have unconfirmed evidence that these shirts may even make you run faster!



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