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Minute 1: Should your running schedule enter vacation mode when you do?

We hope everyone has found a way to emulate Zac Brown this summer:

“I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand

Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand

Life is good today, life is good today.”

While you’re chilling on the beach, however, your mind may eventually wander back to the idea that: “I’ve got a running routine to keep up with!” Well, here are “7 Tips to Stay Fit While on Vacation” from RunnerClick. The first question to ask is, should you continue to run on vacation, or is it time for a break? That depends on how convenient it will be, and where you stand in your training cycle. If your running is going to get in the way of group plans, you should put things on hold and enjoy the trip to the fullest. Looking for activities like a hike or bike ride is a good way to compromise while staying active. After all, planned rest is an important part of the training process, as you can learn about in Fleet Feet’s “How to Take a Break From Running.” If, on the other hand, you’re only days or weeks out from a competition, time off might not be an option. You should consider traveling with resistance bands, which let you turn any living room into a modular home gym. Also, consider trying a HIIT app; they’re a great way to get your heart rate up when you’ve got limited running space to work with. Here’s some inspiration for you to “HIIT the Beach With These Intense Fat Burning Workouts.” #NoDaysOff

Minute 2: Protect your liver with coffee and other foods