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Weekend Warriors: Black Men Run

Last week's tragic death of George Floyd has shined a light on just how far America still has to go in the quest of achieving true racial equality. The running community was especially rattled after one of its own, Ahmaud Arbery, was senselessly killed for no other reason than the color of his skin. After taking some time to reflect, we as storytellers of running, need to do a better job of highlighting inspiring individuals and tales centered around people of color. You may hear about the Black Men Run group from the USA Today article referenced in our last issue. The video below shares the story of this West Philadelphia running group who says their mission is "to promote health and wellness throughout the African American community." While running and fitness are their main focus, they also want to be known as fixtures in the community and a place where friends can come together to inspire one another to be better businessmen, fathers, and brothers. #BlackMenRun #CommunityKings #RunningTogether Watch the video here.


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