What is the world’s hardest marathon?

Minute 1: When 26.2 just isn't enough, these are the races for you

For most runners, completing a marathon is exhausting and fulfilling. Even on a flat course tailor-made for PRs, the vast majority of the field is fully sated at the finish line and ready for some social media humble bragging. But just as an adrenaline junkie wants a higher Acapulco cliff from which to dive or a faster Ducati to ride on wet pavement, certain endurance athletes are not content to just cover 26.2 miles on city streets. If you want to see where many of those uber athletes turn next, check out: “Are You Tough Enough? America’s 10 Most Extreme Marathons.” Wild changes in temperature, elevation, and terrain are par for the course for these races. While challenging, the pain is blunted because these events take place in some amazing settings. The Inca Peninsula Marathon, is regarded as the world’s most difficult marathon, but its scenery is epic – 26.2 miles through the Andes mountains before finishing inside the ancient city of Machu Picchu. Similarly, the Kauai Marathon offers amazing mountain views, making it the perfect destination race for outdoors enthusiasts. Let’s be clear, these events offer a significant amount of risk, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. For some races on the list, you will need training on how to “Run Safe in Hot Weather.” Race prep should also include reading this brand new book written by 2 of the most accomplished authors in trail running, Brian Metzler and Doug Mayer: “Trail Running Illustrated: The Art of Running Free.” The book is jammed with practical advice that newbies and pros alike will find useful and inspirational.


Minute 2: How to curb sugar cravings

It’s a shame processed sugars are so tasty, as they might just be the single worst addition to any diet. In fact, according to this article, dessert can be more dangerous than alcohol: “Which Is Worse: Dessert or Alcohol?” A moderate indulgence in either one is fine, of course, but if you find yourself getting strong sugar cravings, overindulging, and feeling the negative effects on your energy level, you should look into some strategies to reduce your sugar intake. For that, check out “