What workouts burn the most calories?

Minute 1: Collagen supplements for connective tissue health

Most people associate collagen with skin care ads in glossy magazines. Like many promises in the $500 billion beauty business, youthful skin and an attractive spouse won’t be yours just because you slather your skin with collagen lotion. For athletes, however, the science behind collagen is much more promising. It has been proven to boost connective tissue health, particularly as athletes age. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, found all throughout the connective tissue. Check out the “Science of Collagen: 101” to see why adding extra collagen to your diet can be so beneficial for maintaining mobility at any age. Research on the subject is still relatively new, but it has chronicled some tangible benefits. Check out: “Top 6 Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements.” Collagen supplements can reduce the joint pain that comes from degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis. Alongside joint health, collagen can support bone density, as it's one of the main components that make up our bone structure. Our staff is about to do a trial of one of the most popular collagen supplements for athletes which is made by Amp Human and Momentous. Stay tuned for updates as we watch our times go down while our collagen intake goes up. (We hope.) #TheNewCollagenTry

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Minute 2: What heart rate variability says about your health

Over the past 20 years, fitness trackers have evolved from mechanical gizmos full of springs and cogs, to sophisticated electronics that can measure both your body’s thermostat and your home’s thermostat. Of all this technological progress, we would argue that measuring heart rate and heart rate variability is the most important. This new article helped cement our view and also add some nuance: “