Why athletes are using hyperbaric therapy

Minute 1: Was there any good news in 2021?

If you’re looking back at 2021 and thinking: “I’ve enjoyed all of that I could stand,” we feel your pandemic pain. School closings, business woes, and sick friends & family don’t make it into many holiday movie plots. At the same time, we are grateful for some of the progress made over the past year. According to Strava, endurance athletes around the world were more active than ever. We also saw the triumphant return of major marathons around the world this fall. If you need more reasons to be happy, at a global level, check out “21 Things That Made the World a Better Place in 2021.” The list includes things like 8.5 billion Covid vaccines administered worldwide and millions of workers changing jobs in pursuit of better work/life balance. If you can’t wait for a year-end summary of positive stories, you can always turn to the Instagram account created by John Krasinski, Some Good News. It’s an offshoot of a pandemic project the actor created in 2020 and it never fails to put a smile on our face by spotlighting the positive things that happen in the world.


Minute 2: It’s resolution time

One way to say “later days” to 2021 is to begin planning for 2022. We are officially entering New Year’s Resolution season and you don’t want to wait until you are tired and hungover on January 1, 2022, to make your plans. If you procrastinate, you risk focusing on the wrong things like never drinking again or never snapping selfies while wearing silly hats. Worthy goals, no doubt, but just not as grand as the one we mentioned last week: “