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6 Best Sunglasses for Running 

Most people wear sunscreen in the summer to protect the skin from UV rays. However, few people know that UV rays can also be harmful to the eyes. The solution: wear UV blocking sunglasses while outside. For runners and athletes, the best sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable, so you'll quickly forget you're wearing them at all. They can also eliminate glare and increase clarity through the tint and polarization. If you spend a lot of time outside and active in the summer, these are the most functional, stylish, and comfortable sunglasses for running.

1. Oakley Half Jacket

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If you're looking to cut down on your time, you won't need to worry about these weighing you down. These lightweight shades are built for runners. As with all Oakley glasses, these offer HDO® Technology leading to better clarity and UV protection. Don't like the color? Don't worry, you can swap them out. 

Check them out here

2. ROKA Oslo


Style is the name of the game with the ROKA Oslo frames. These unisex sunglasses will keep you looking cool even when you're drenched in sweat from your ran. Speaking of sweat, they're made from nylon so your hard work rolls right off.

Check them out here

3. Sunski Taraval


If you're looking for a fun way to reduce your carbon footprint, these sunglasses might be a good start. Made from 100% recycled plastics,  the Sunski Taraval is both lightweight and just the right amount of flexible. They also donate 1% of purchases to environmental non-profits. These are a win-win.

Check them out here

4. adidas Mens 3Matic


These shades are great for all sports, especially runners. You'll look the part in these sharp adidas Mens 3Matics. They're also rX ready to really help you keep your eye on the ball. 

Check them out here

5. Smith Tempo Max


The Smith Tempo Max are a great pear of sunglasses that won't break the bank. This sleek design makes for an ultra secure fit. Like the change styles? These come with some spare chroma pop contrast rose flash lenses to swap out. 

Check them out here

6. Julbo Resist


Despite being ultra-lightweight, Julbo offers good shock resistance for those ​inevitable gear accidents. They also boast a lifetime warrantee, so you really don't need to worry. Combine that with a stylish design and affordable price, you've got a must-have for runners. 

Check them out here

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