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Keep Six Minute Running (and free) 


Thank you for being a loyal reader of Six Minute Mile. We may be a little biased, but we think we have been delivering you the most fun endurance newsletter in the world. Well, at least we are the best value in the world, considering what you pay for it. Nada. Yup, it’s gratis, free and yours for the taking. Always has been and always will be.

In order to keep this party going with an open bar, we not only need to pay our writers, but we also need to provide them with caffeine. Lots of caffeine. For simple folks whose professional wardrobe consists of old race t-shirts and jeans, they have expensive taste in java. That’s why we set our prices to $5 a cup.

All light-hearted banter aside, the modest revenue we generate from our advertisers isn’t quite enough to make ends meet. So we stole an idea from Wikipedia and our local NPR station and opened up this site to allow you to enjoy our content guilt-free. Please consider “buying us coffee” today. Any gift of $25 earns you a sweet Six Minute Mile Water bottle. Any gift of $50 or more comes with an even sweeter t-shirt and even less guilt. 


See you out there!

- David Lavallee

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