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A title that reads "About Us" atop a black and white photo of runners' legs lined up on a starting line.

Six Minute Mile is a twice weekly email blast bringing you news, ideas, inspirational stories, and special deals for runners and fitness enthusiasts. We are athletes ourselves. Runners, CrossFitters, Barry’s Boot Campers, skiers, cyclists, and mud racers. We like to sweat. If you’re reading this right now, the odds are pretty good that you do too.

Let’s have some fun together in under 6 minutes.

And if you’re like us, you probably think about your favorite activity more times per day than you’d want your boss to know. Savoring your happy, sweaty zone should go beyond just the time you have your workout kit on. We want to be your healthy distraction. (Tell your boss that the Wall Street Journal says healthy employees are more productive.)

As much as you love your sports, sometimes when you look out the window at the rain and 40-degree temps, you’re really tempted to blow off your workout. (Have we mentioned we live in Boston?) Or maybe you just need a little motivation to finally lose that 5 pounds or crack 3:30 in a marathon. Our goal is to be the training buddy who never preaches or rambles about themselves, but who cracks a joke and gives you the perfectly timed fist bump to keep you rolling.

Our parent company, Gameface Media, pioneered the free event photo model and has given out more than 50 million free digital images to amateur athletes over the past five years. We have plenty of dark bruises and cool scars from our entrepreneurial journey. But there’s one thing we never failed to do – provide awesome digital content to amateur athletes. We launched Six Minute Mile to provide not only awesome visual content but also some written content that many of our visitors have asked for over the years.

Want to get in touch? Drop us a line at

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