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3 Top destination races

While becoming so familiar with our neighborhood running tracks that a future tour guide career is within reach we are all craving for new running experiences and unique settings. Once travel restrictions are lifted we have three suggestions for great destinations races on the old continent. 

For those of you who like an extra challenge in the last quarter of a race, 14 bridges leading up to the finish of the Venice Marathon might do the trick. Set amid stunning palaces, zipping water taxis and crossing the spectacular Piazza San Marco the course will put you under its spell like an Italian opera. Better don’t be afraid of water as in some years runners have to fight a high tide at some stretches of the race - but this is part of the appeal of a city standing on sticks in the water.

If you are rather prefer mountainous landscapes the Snowdonia Marathon might be your cup of tea. Considered one of the most difficult UK races runners are led around the Snowdon Peak, the highest mountain in Wales with an elevation of 3.560ft above sea level, and rewarded with breathtaking views for their considerably efforts. The events has been voted the Best British Marathon twice and is a must for many serious runners. If you are more into rock-climbing you can follow the tracks of Joe Brown, one of Britain’s greatest mountaineers, who’s favorite cliff, Clogwyn Du’r Arddu, is located on Snowdon. 

Some of us just run for the companionship of fellow runners and like to participate in other activities than just running while enjoying good food and maybe a glass of wine. The Marathon du Beaujolais offers just that. Refreshment points offer not only the classics but catering to runners with cheese, ham and a some red wine of the newest edition of the Beaujolais Nouveau. By running through several chateaus runners can experience the french wine tradition very close and provided with a special, cup formed medal at the finish line and two bottles of wine. You can imagine that the after race party is a not to miss event with life music, lot’s of dancing, costume parades and more wine…


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