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Amazing new Kilian Jornet video

Minute 1: Does running make you hungrier?

Sometimes as we approach the end of a run, our mind happily wanders to a post-workout cheeseburger celebration. Other times, the thought of food turns our stomach, as we want nothing more than a cool post-run bottle of water. Figuring out how our appetite will react on any given day can be as confusing as a Where’s Waldo puzzle set in a barber pole factory. According to this new story in the New York Times, “How Exercise Affects Your Appetite,” we aren’t alone in our confusion. The story cites a new study showing that on average, people don’t tend to overeat following vigorous exercise. Some theorize that our bodies will compensate for extra calories burned during exercise by being more sedentary after the workout, rather than consuming more food. Our bodies are conditioned to hang onto fat and energy stores for future use, so it’s possible we protect against losing this fuel by continuing to be active for the rest of the day. At least one other study, however, suggests that exercise does suppress your appetite immediately following a workout, but over the course of several hours, you are likely to consume the same number of calories as if you hadn’t exercised. Yet another study theorizes that increased body heat generated during a run reins in the appetite: “How exercise tells the brain to curb appetite.” The theory jibes with evidence that the spicy heat of capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers, helps to curb appetite by raising body temperature. Details are here: “Can Cayenne Pepper Help You Lose Weight?

Minute 2: How to run with a backpack

Whether you are running to work, going for a long trail run, or telling a joke about Bill Gates, a priest and a hippie, you will need a good backpack. Unfortunately a Jansport book bag isn’t going to cut it if you want to enjoy a run that requires toting some gear. The idea of running with a pack for the first time can be a little intimidating, but luckily Advnture just released this handy guide: “How to run with a backpack: 8 tips for success.” Their advice includes packing gear and water bottles tightly to avoid bouncing and focusing on good posture -- no slumping shoulders or drooping spine angles. You can also check out this piece from MapMyRun: “6 Rules to Follow When Running with a Pack.” Our friend Bob Crowley, former President of the International Trail Running Association and veteran of more than 100 trail ultras, likes the vests from Ultimate Direction citing their pocket and storage options. SMM reader Doug Mayer, longtime Trail Runner magazine contributor and founder of Run the Alps, swears by the Solomon vests because they ride close to the body and avoid bouncing around. Salomon provides a helpful guide on “How to choose a running backpack.” Of course their conclusions steer you toward their own products, but the piece includes helpful tips on safety gear and distinguishing between a hydration pack and a multi-activity backpack. For other ideas beyond Solomon, check out “The 9 Best Running Backpacks of 2021” or Fleet Feet’s line-up of running packs here.

Minute 3: Backwards running is trending

One of our favorite installments of the Six Minute Mile podcast was our episode with Aaron Yoder, a track coach who broke the world record for running a backwards mile in 5:30. Aaron began running backwards to relieve the pain from injuries incurred while running in the traditional direction. It turns out that he is a trendsetter, because according to a Canadian Running story this week: “Study finds reverse running to be a fitness trend in 2022.” The online research was conducted by UK health club company PureGym to identify emerging fitness trends and fads. Their full list of findings includes stroller workouts and beer yoga. For better or worse, weighted Hula Hoop workouts topped the list of emerging fitness trends. The known benefits of backwards running include burning more calories and reducing anterior/posterior muscle imbalances. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get as much of a cardio workout while running backwards, and it can also be a little dangerous since most runners don’t have a backup camera onboard. Speaking of our podcast, after taking a break to get through the fall marathon season, we will begin launching new episodes next week. Make sure your AirPods are charged. #ShiftToReverse

Minute 4: Fall training table ideas

In our last issue we extolled the virtues of fall comfort food and root vegetables -- particularly the humble, yet versatile beet. Well + Good must have sensed our saliva glands kicking into high gear, and responded with this mouth-watering new piece: “3 Easy-To-Cook Comfort Food Recipes Packed With Protein, Fiber, and Anti-Inflammatory Benefits.” They called our root vegetables and raised us some “anti-inflammatory herbs and spices, like coriander, cilantro, cloves and cumin.” Our favorite on the list is the Green Gumbo that combines healthy leafy greens with Louisiana flavors and spices. For more training table inspiration, check out: “38 Healthy Fall Recipes Under 500 Calories.” We are less focused on the calorie count and more inspired by the clean foods on the list that still taste great.

Minute 5: Quick Intervals

  • Despite a successful fall marathon season in many parts of the world, such was not the case in China: “Beijing Marathon suffers second straight cancellation due to COVID-19.” Originally just “postponed” in October, the official cancellation came down this week. Meanwhile, the Chinese government is saying that the Winter Olympic Games will go on as planned, with plenty of safety precautions. Details from USA Today are here: “Will the omicron variant impact the 2022 Beijing Olympics? Here's what we know.”

  • In the version of the Build Back Better infrastructure bill passed by the House, there are billions of dollars promoting bicycle use: “House approves Build Back Better Act — including e-bike tax credit — which goes to Senate.” In addition to the e-bike credit (which may not be of interest to our hyperfit readers), you can pick up $81 per month in the form of a tax credit if you commute to work on a bike.

  • 2021 was a year for the record books, with many new track and field marks being set, thanks to some gifted athletes and the new generation of carbon-plated super shoes. Check out the opening montage of this video to find inspiration for your own PR journey: “WATCH: every world record from 2021 in 5 minutes.”

Minute 6: Daily Inspiration

The world’s most publicized mountain runner just announced that he is parting ways with his main sponsor: “Kilian Jornet Leaves Salomon After 15 Years to Start New Project.” Kilian announced his move in this video, and assured Salomon fans that he is not defecting to another brand. Instead, he has some unannounced projects that he will pursue. Fortunately for those of us who appreciate the epic trail running videos he has produced over the years with Salomon, he is leaving us with a wonderful parting gift. The subject this time is the Spaniard’s latest pursuit to break the world record for running a vertical kilometer, essentially, climbing 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) in less than 29 minutes. To put it in perspective, the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, stands at 828 meters. Check out Kilian’s run for the record in the video below.


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