Does celery really have negative calories?

Minute 1: Eat more plants

As a kid, we never won an athletic MVP award, but we were absolute All Americans in the sport of making an end-around to avoid eating the vegetables on our plates. Steph Curry’s best head fakes and misdirection passes are weak imitators of our ability to hide uneaten carrots under a crumpled napkin or slip Birds Eye veggies to a hungry dog at our feet. A new study explains why we were so wrong not to appreciate our mom’s cooking and to miss out on a nutritional head start. Details are in this new piece: “Eating more plant foods may lower heart disease risk in young adults, older women.” The Journal of the American Heart Association recently published 2 studies that detailed the long-term positive impacts of consuming plant-based foods. The first study tracked the eating habits of more than 4,000 young adults for 30+ years. Participants were free to pursue any diet they chose, allowing researchers to analyze the effects of diet under real world circumstances. The study showed that participants who ate mostly plant-based foods were 52% less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. A second study on postmenopausal women analyzed the “Portfolio Diet” which includes nuts, soy proteins (beans, tofu), high fiber foods (oats, barley, eggplant, apples), monounsaturated fats from oil (olive, canola and avocado) and limited consumption of saturated fats. Women in this study were followed for an average of 15 years, and researchers found: “Compared to women who followed the Portfolio Diet less frequently, those with the closest alignment were 11% less likely to develop any type of cardiovascular disease, 14% less likely to develop coronary heart disease and 17% less likely to develop heart failure.” As an adult, we now love eating veggies, but that’s not true of many friends who rely on carbs and meat protein to fuel their workouts. For the picky eater in your life (maybe that’s you), check out: “10 Simple Vegetable Side Dishes to Win Over Picky Eaters” or “20 Great Vegetable Recipes” which kicks off with roasted vegetable ideas, just in time for fall. If you need ideas more tuned to endurance sports, check out “Why 3 Top Trail Runners Choose Plant-Based Diets.” #PlantFood

Minute 2: Shadowbox workouts

It’s September, fall is nearly here, and along with that, the best running weather of the year. Nonetheless, we are always on the lookout for new ways to cross train and change up our routines. If you're hoping to engage new muscles and maybe exorcise some pandemic frustrations, check out this new story from Healthline: “Boxing Benefits: 6 Reasons to Try Throwing a Punch