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Gear Review: Bombas socks are what running dreams are made of

By SMM Test Team

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The SMM staff recently got hooked up with Bombas socks to keep our feet secure, comfy and cool on our training runs.

It's no longer a secret that Bombas makes the perfect sock for runners, riders, and relaxers. Bombas kindly sent our SMM Test staff a sweet colorway of theirRunning Ankle Sock 3-Pack. Most users quickly anointed them their favorite socks ever.

For starters, Bombas only uses elite materials and their products are as durable as they are comfortable. Our test products from years ago have retained their elasticity and over many outings. A proprietary poly/cotton blend can be counted on to keep its quality over hundreds and hundreds of miles.

The biggest draw for runners? Zero blisters, according to our testers That means when we open our sock drawer on race day or on any training day involving 4+ miles, we are reaching for the Bomba’s. Dedicated readers of the Six Minute Mile have heard us speak many times about the importance of taking care of your feet. A few bad blisters can keep you laid up and derail your entire training regiment. There's no need to risk all of your hard work. Train in confidence thanks to the blister tab thoughtfully placed right where you need it.

Bombas have a few different options for runners depending on the season. Typically, our team will go with the Lightweight Running 3-pack but since it's getting a tad nippier we’ve switched to the Running Ankle Sock 3-Pack which comes with more padding. They have no shortage of exotic colors for our fashionistas or black and white for friends who always need to match.

Besides keeping your feet feeling great and looking cool, what more could you ask out of a pair of socks? Well here are six other remarkable features that they pack into every single pair.

  • Honeycomb Arch Support

  • Left-Right Contoured

  • Strategic Zone Cushioning

  • Y-Stitched Heel

  • Hex Tec

  • Airflow Venting

All of that and it's still not even the most impressive part of purchasing a pair of Bombas. The Bombas Giving program pledges a donation of the most wanted items in homeless shelters across the nation for every pair purchased. Socks, t-shirts, and underwear for those in all types of transitional living spaces.


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