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Shoe Review: Under Armour Infinite Pro, $130

This sturdy, workhorse of a daily trainer could be a useful addition to anyone’s quiver of shoes

Under Armour is on the rise as a running shoe brand. You might have heard that before—and you might have heard it from me, given that the brand has had numerous encouraging moments over the past 15 years—but this year might be the year that it’s fully true. The brand made a statement with its first carbon-plated marathon racing super shoes last year with the launch of the unique Flow Velociti Elite—and had the added bonus of having Sharon Lokedi winning the 2022 New York City Marathon wearing a pair before it launched. Now, with the launch of the Velociti Elite 2 and several new key models on the way, it will soon have its best and most complete line of running shoes yet.

Despite the lofty-sounding name, the Under Armour Infinite Pro is somewhat of an entry-level shoe that sits below the Infinite Elite shoe ($160) in the UA line. It combines modestly springy, near-maximal cushioning, exquisite comfort and a smooth ride for slower to medium paces. While that might not sound like a sexy shoe glowing with superlatives, the Infinite Pro can be a key training shoe for a lot of different kinds of runners—either as a workhorse daily trainer or a midweek easy-day shoe or post-workout recovery running shoe. (I wore it for a 10-miler at 9:00-9:30 pace and had no complaints.) And, as far as modern running shoe prices go, its $130 price tag falls in the bargain zone given how durable it is. 

What’s New: The Infinite Pro is a brand new shoe that takes some of the technology and design cues from the Infinite Elite in a shoe for the masses. The key features are the dual-density midsole chassis built on a thick layer of durable and shock-absorbing HOVR+ foam and a thin, resilient layer of Pebax foam, as well as the warped knit upper with zonal reinforcements that combines durability, breathability and a tiny bit of stretchiness to provide locked-down fit and top-of-foot comfort.

Fit/Feel/Ride: The Under Armour Infinite Pro fits true to size with a medium-width interior volume and a toe box that’s just roomy enough for toes to wiggle, but also one that tapers down tightly over the top of a runner’s big toe. The interior has a plush, comfortable feeling, thanks to a padded and gusseted tongue, a padded heel collar and a premium 3D-molded sockliner that cradles a runner’s feet. Ultimately, it’s the smooth and cushy ride and durability of the Infinite Pro that make it worth buying.

With exceptional heel cushioning, a sturdy external heel clip and rigid interior heel counter, it seems to be an extremely effective shock-absorber for a heavy heel-striking gait pattern that rolls through the transition to the toe-off phase. The thin layer of Pebax foam under the footbed gives it a bit of additional cushiness and responsiveness in every stride that creates a well-balanced sensation with the thicker, denser HOVR+ foam in the undercarriage. It doesn’t produce a bouncy ride and it’s not exceptionally propulsive, however it is moderately soft and resilient with a medium flex pattern in the forefoot. It might be best described as a smooth, rolling sensation that straddles the line between semi-firm and semi-soft. (If you want a more energetic ride, definitely spend the extra $30 and opt for the lighter and bouncier UA Infinite Elite.)

Why It’s Great: Although Under Armour calls this shoe a neutral model, the Infinite Pro is very stable and secure. It doesn’t have any anti-pronation controlling devices built into it, but it does have a very secure heel to keep a runner’s rearfoot from moving and a wide, semi-firm dual-density midsole chassis that’s rock solid from a lateral and medial point of view. In other words, it’s a hard shoe to roll inward or outward. For that reason, I think it would be good for taller/bigger runners who demand more stability and durability from the midsole cushioning of their everyday training shoes.


Weights: 10.4 oz. (women’s 8); 11.5 oz. (men’s 9) Heel-Toe Offset: 8mm (32mm at the heel, 24mm at the forefoot)

Why You’ll Love It: You’ll love it because it’s a shoe you can buy in the spring and wear all summer long without burning through it. While there is no way to accurately tie a specific mileage lifespan to any pair of running shoes,  I’ve found it to be extremely durable after having it in my regular rotation for the past two months. It’s a shoe I will expect to get 500 to 600 miles out of without having much (or maybe any) significant breakdown.

Pro: The outsole has two segments of rubber that are both durable and tacky enough to provide traction on wet and dry pavement and concrete, and the exposed HOVR+ midsole foam in between those rubber segments is durable enough that it hasn’t shown any wear and tear after 70+ miles of running.

Con: OK, I have to be honest, the Infinite Pro isn’t light. At 11.5 ounces for a men’s size 9.0, it’s a bit too weighty to run faster paces. I revved it up to tempo pace for a 4-mile spurt and it felt OK, but it felt much better running Zone 1 and Zone 2 paces. That said, if you’re a runner who’s bread and butter is running 4 to 7 miles at a medium pace, this shoe will be a good tool in your quiver or maybe the only shoe in your quiver.


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