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Six Minute Mile Gear Review: Brooks StealthFit Levitate 5


Weight: Appx. 10.3oz / 292.0g

Drop: 8mm

Category: Short Distance Trainer


What’s New:

  • StealthFit Knit upper

  • GTS support variation available for neutral and StealthFit models

  • Added DNA AMP midsole

What You’ll Love:

  • Springy and energetic ride

  • Breathable knit upper

  • Tailored to individual runner’s needs

According to a 2021 poll, Six Minute Miller's favorite shoe to run in are Brooks. They are one of the leaders every year when it comes to top-tier tech, sustainability and sweet styles. Last year our team tried out the Brooks Glycerin 19 and the Ghost 14 and are still getting solid miles out of them.

Recently we got our hands on a pair of the Levitate StealthFit 5. You have four different iterations of the Levitate 5 to choose from: the Levitate 5 classic fit neutral support, classic fit GTS support, StealthFit neutral support and StealthFit GTS support. The classic fit is for those looking for a tad more comfort and wiggle room, the StealthFit knit upper contours to your foot a bit and is for those looking to go a bit faster. The neutral shoe is for those with low deviation (your foot doesn’t move around much in stride) and the GTS support is for those with high deviators or those that struggle with injuries. The StealthFit checked all the boxes for us, so the awesome team sent over a pair of navy blue beauties to give a go.

Without further delay here, are our thoughts on the StealthFit 5:

First things first, this shoe is quite slick looking and relatively easy on the eyes as far as techy trainers go. In addition to short shorts these go just fine with a pair of jeans. With over 20 different colorways to choose there is a shade for everyone.

The Fit Knit fits like a glove, literally. The sock-like feel might not be for everyone but I found it breathable and comfy. Some might want a little more room in the toe box so we suggest that group opt for the classic fit.

As far as breaking in goes, this shoe was pretty ready to rock from the first run. The knit is flexible and really does feel like just a thicker sock.

Compared to the Glycerin and the Ghost 14’s DNA Loft midsole, the DNA AMP midsole in the Levitate is quite firm. The strike impact is a bit more energetic than some might like but if you prefer a harder feel upon landing you’ll enjoy this model. If you are training for a longer distance run, you'll be better off going with one of their softer models. The shoe feels particularly light versus its Brooks kin which lends itself nicely to quicker, shorter workouts.

Overall, this snappy shoe is a great addition to your running shoe rotation. For speed workouts and treadmill work you will get everything you need out of the Levitate 5 and look stylish doing it.


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