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Seniors React to Manscaped Ads

Paul Tran, the founder of Manscaped, is leading a mission to clean up men worldwide. According to Forbes, it’s working for guys, their partners, and Tran’s company. Revenue at Manscaped is up 40X. Tom Selleck and his ‘80s hairy chest are long gone, replaced by a cleaner look under the shirt and below the belt. The trend has been adopted by athletes worldwide -- and not just swimmers and cyclists who have shaved down for decades. We suppose that’s why the company approached Six Minute Mile to promote their product with our active readership. The first time we ran an ad for Manscaped, it was a big hit with much of our audience, but also left many folks asking: “Man what???” and “Trim what?” We realized from our reader survey that 24% of you are between the ages of 55 and 64. That’s outside the typical Instagram ad-buying demographic for the company, so you may not have seen their promotions before. But we have assured Manscaped that our readers have the energy levels of folks 20 years younger. The video below is a hilarious attempt by Manscaped to educate the Tom Selleck crowd on the benefits of their product.

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