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The Game Changers

One of our readers, Karl from Florida, suggested last week that other Six Minute Mile subscribers may draw inspiration from “Game Changers,” the documentary film that advocates a plant-based diet for athletes. Executive producers include big names like James Cameron and Jackie Chan who follow the story of an injured UFC athlete named James Wilks. During his recovery, Wilks discovers provocative research that Roman gladiators subsisted primarily on plant-based diets. He reasoned that if the original ultimate fighters (whose lives depended on their performance) relied on plants, why shouldn’t today’s fighters? As one weightlifter in the film observed, “Someone asked me: ‘How could you get as strong as an ox without eating any meat?’ And my answer was: ‘Have you ever seen an ox eating meat?’” The film generated plenty of critics along with new disciples. Joe Rogan (see Minute One) was skeptical and booked Wilks and one of his biggest critics to appear together on his podcast last December. The result was the most entertaining 3+ hours of nutritional debate in history. The film is available on Netflix here and the trailer for the film is below.

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