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Vuori Spring ’20 Collection

We are honored to welcome Vuori as a new partner in Six Minute Mile. We love the brand because it fits the diverse passions and lifestyles of our readers. Yeah, we’re all endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but we’re also hikers, beach folks, students, parents and professionals. Vuori makes clothes to power a Saturday afternoon that looks something like this: walk to the beach, decide to break into a 4-mile run on the sand, dive in the water, and grab a beer at the closest bar. All in the same pair of shorts. The brand was born in 2015 in Encinitas, CA, as an alternative to yoga leggings as fashion. It’s activewear that doesn’t look like activewear. They also remind us of our coolest friend who always has the best suggestions for new music. Case in point: Louis II who provides the theme music for Vuori’s newest promo video.

CAUTION: If you don’t enjoy getting fired up for a workout by watching impossibly fit athletes sweating to funky, upbeat music in gorgeous settings, then please don’t watch the pump-up video below. It will only confuse you.

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